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Think Park Heart Clinic

It is said that self management is important to enjoy healthy life in the aging society. It is very important to prevent disease, detect and treat illness early to enjoy and live a good life. The difference between prevention and treatment of disease depends on how well people review their habit in daily lifestyle and detect and treat disease earlier. Our Clinic was established to prevent, diagnose and treat Circulatory Disease such as Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Arterial and Venous Diseases based on my 11-year experience as cardiovascular surgeon in the front line of Cardiovascular Disease. I examine Cardiovascular disease through both internal and surgical ways and provide patients with medical treatment with sufficient care. I want to relieve patients with safe concept and make patients happy as a family doctor. Our experienced internist will treat patients with lifestyle-related disease such as Diabetes, Hyperlipemia, Gout and etc.


Clinic Hours

Mon・Tues・Thurs・Fri: 9:30~12:30 14:30~18:30
Wed・Sat: 9:30~12:30
Sun・Holiday: Nonconsultation


Phone 03-5745-0737  Fax 03-5745-0738 Medical Center ThinkPark Tower 3rd floor 2-1-1 Osaki Shinagawa-ku Tokyo, Japan 141-6003


ThinkPark Tower Medical Center is connected with Osaki station on the JR line in Tokyo


Takabumi Fujimura

Graduated from Medical School, Tokai University in 1985, passed national exam for medical practitioners in May 1985, became Intern Doctor and entered Cardiovascular Surgery at Tokai University Hospital, went on a loan to Saitama National Hospital in 1988, Cardiovascular Surgery, Saiseikai Utsunomiya Hospital in 1989, Cardiovascular Surgery, Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital in 1990. Returned to Tokai University Hospital in 1992, inagurated as a Lector of Cardiovascular Surgery, Tokai University School of Medicine in 1997. Went on a loan as a Head of Cardiovascular Surgeon at Kobari General Hospital, returned to Tokai Univeresity Hospital as a head of Cardiovascular Surgery in 2000, went on a loan to Saiseikai Central Hosptal’s Cardiovasculary Surgery in 2007, retired Tokai University Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery on Sep.30, 2007, became part-time Lector at Cardiovascular Surgery of Tokai University Medical School.

Certified doctor of Japanese Society for Cardiovascular Surgery, Certified and member of Japanese Association of Thoracic Surgery, Councilor of Japanese Association for Coronary Artery Surgery, Certified Physician of Japan Surgical Society, Certified Industrial Physician of Japan Medical Association, Designated Physician by Handicapped People Welfare Law on Cardiology.

Masako Fujimura

is in charge of Endocrinology and Metabolism Medicine (Diabetes), Internal Medicine

Doctor of Medicine, Certified Physician of Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, Member of Japan Diabetes Society

Akio Ueki

is in charge of Endocrinology and Metabolism Medicine (Diabetes) Professor at Third Internal Medicine, Tokyo Medical and Dental University (Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism at Hachioji Medical Center)

Takashi Hirotani

is in charge of Cardiovascular Surgery Department Head of Cardiovasculary Surgery, Saiseikai Central Hospital, Part-time Lector at Cardiovascular Surgery, Keio University School of Medicine